‘TweakWeek 2′ Confirmed By Ryan Petrich After iOS 7 is Jailbroken

Ryan Petrich a well known developer in the jailbreak scene has confirmed that ‘TweakWeek’ will once again be making a special appearance after iOS 7 is jailbroken. If you ... Continue Reading →

BuddyLock Is An Amazing Lockscreen Jailbreak Tweak

In the recent months there has been an influx of lockscreen tweaks for jailbroken iOS devices. While many of them have been great such as Atom a lockscreen app launcher others haven’t ... Continue Reading →

Best Jailbreak Tweaks For iOS 6 (Episode 6)

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Add A Cool Way To Unlock Your iOS Device With ‘Control Unlocker’

Brought to us by Mitch today we take a look at ‘Control Unlocker’ an awesome jailbreak tweak for your jailbroken iOS device. ‘Control Unlocker’ adds a retro ... Continue Reading →

How To Download Vine Videos With VineDownloader

Have you ever wanted to download Vine videos? Well now you can, introducing VineDownloader a new jailbreak tweak that allows users to download Vine’s directly to their iOS camera ... Continue Reading →
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[Video] Two Awesome Free Jailbreak Tweaks for Your iOS Device

Brought to us by Mitch lets take a look at two great free jailbreak tweaks for our jailbroken iOS devices. The first tweak we see is FolderBlur which adds an aesthetically pleasing ... Continue Reading →
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[Video] The Best Lockscreen Tweak for Your Jailbroken iOS Device

Brought to us by Mitch today we get to see a quick review on what he believes is the best lockscreen tweak to date for your jailbroken iOS device. In this video, I show you guys my ... Continue Reading →

[Video] Best Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 6 Episode 5

How’s it going everyone we’re happy to announce that Mitch is back and with his comeback he brings us yet another “best of” jailbreak tweaks episode. This is ... Continue Reading →

[Jailbreak Tweak] How To Get Macbook Air Style Keyboard On iOS Using Color Keyboard

Have you ever wanted to get the elegant looking Macbook keyboard on your iOS device? Maybe your just tired of the plain jane looking keyboard the iPhone has. Today we’ll be talking ... Continue Reading →

[Jailbreak Tweak] Accentify Allows You To Colorfy The iOS UI

Accentify is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to change the color scheme of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch operating system. If your tired of the ol boring ui or feeling a bit ... Continue Reading →

[Jailbreak Tweak] Animated Lockscreen Launcher Atom Is Now Available for Download

The highly anticipated jailbreak tweak called Atom is now available for download. Atom is a replacement lockscreen launcher that not only replaces the boring slide to unlock feature ... Continue Reading →

[Jailbreak Tweak] Improve How You Manage iOS Notifications With Abstergo

A. Richardson & J. Tucker have finally released Abstergo. Abstergo is a jailbreak tweak that enhances the way iOS handles notifications. It allows you to clear all notifications ... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Jailbreak Tweak Will Enable System Wide Facebook Chat Heads On iOS

A 21 year old iOS developer that goes by the name of Adam Bell recently created an amazing jailbreak tweak that integrates Facebook’s chat feature within iOS. 24 hours after Facebook ... Continue Reading →