Download and Install The New Cydia


The new cydia was quietly released yesterday and of course a lot of us missed it since we were stuffing our faces with food. iDeviceDaily has posted a great how to on downloading and installing the deb manually if you missed it.

How to install new cydia:

  • Download new cydia HERE
  • Copy the new cydia deb to your idevice using ssh or diskaid (var/mobile preferably)
  • Open ifile on idevice and go to where you placed deb, tap on it and use installer.
  • Enjoy your new, speedier, less buggy, new ui cydia :).

Note: You can do all of this without a computer by using safar download manager and ifile.


  • Steve_McQueen

    I thought there was supposed to be a new GUI?

  • SoSly

    Phorbie reinstall ifile and that should fix your problem

  • SoSly

    Works on older firmwares also

  • TonePwns


  • Albinobut

    Thx for the news

  • petersandhu

    i lost my cydia as updating cydia 0n3.1.3 forced to remove cydia installer n essential package…

  • Crank3d

    I wonder why no other blog spotted this? Is there a way to back my current packages and sources before updating?

  • slythe

    Ok well it looks like cydia works again. I reinstalled it from the same deb file and it started working again. I’d still like to know why it stopped working. But it seems fine now. Weird…

  • slythe

    my first post doesn’t seem to be here. VERY WEIRD! o.o i originally had a problem where i downloaded the deb file, installed the new cydia, it worked fine, i installed some packages etc. my phone resprung etc. then i reopened cydia and it immediately crashed to my homescreen with NO FIX! so i decided to reinstall it from the same deb file and that fixed whatever was wrong..

  • SoSly

    Alright well i believe after installing cydia through the deb you have to reboot to clear the old cydia caches.

  • Albinobut

    I got the old cydia deb, deleted cydia, and installed the updated version. Works fine, very fast. When will greenp0sion update come?I want to update

  • juniorgfx

    Not seeing a new ui. But does work a little better.

  • Jtek

    Only if it had the option to landscape..

  • shaytaan

    Is this for iPad too?

    • SoSly

      Yes it is

  • Prakash Chauhan

    Just wondering why this release was not official in cydia…. any idea…

    • slythe

      @Prakash not sure but one thing I have noticed is that if you look at Cydia as an installed package in your Cydia Packages list you’ll notice that the source is unknown. As if there is no source attached to it’s original installation. Even though I thought it was supposed to be in the Telesphorio (or however it’s spelled source) which is Sauriks APT source in Cydia.

  • jacobray69

    i have an iPhone 2G running 3.1.2 and Cydia says to update to v1.0.3366-1 (currently i have v1.0.3201-1) BUT it says i cant update cus it depends on firmware 4.0?
    does anyone know what is going on? this is such bs i cant stand Cydia and this is just another reason why Rock was a million times better….Cydia has caused me headaches since i bought my iphone back when they came out! GRRRRRRRR…
    someone please help!!!!!

  • jacobray69

    Go to the Sinfuliphone website here:
    and follow the instructions to install the new modded Cydia v1.0.3366-1 for older iPhones running 3.X.X.

  • SoSly

    Thanks jacobray ill post it up soon.

  • jacobray69

    i have a update everyone.
    i installed the Cydia update from Sinfuliphone and went to uninstall Logome in Cydia and Cydia is trying to force me to uninstall itself as well as my Essential packages!
    what is up with this? has anyone experienced this?

  • Kat

    How do I install cydia on my iphone I need help unlocking my phone

  • Dom

    How do you get barrel

  • Dg

    How do I install cydia in my iPhone without using a computer

  • Conner

    How do you Jailbreak your I pod five

  • Kevin

    It’s cool

  • Austin

    How do I install cydia to my iPod touch I have been to a million websites and still can’t figure it out

  • Austin

    I can’t figure out how to download cydia for free

  • Rachel Lewis

    We should be able to download cydia on a iPod 4

  • abdulrehman

    my coade is rehman

  • Xierno

    iPhone 4s. can I installe cydia on it?

  • Kym

    iOS 6.1.3 any jailbreak method?? I have an iPod touch 5g

  • kevin

    are there any ios 6.1.3 for i phone 4

  • Coby grissom

    How do I download cydia and with what what is ssh diskaid

  • Aaron davis

    It’s not working at all can someone help me? PLEASE

  • Chris Dean

    I had dreamboard, but the damn think kept screwing up, so I deleted it, and surprisingly it took cydia away. Can anyone help me get it back